Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

KEYCHAIN Version I (2017)

for partially-prepared toy piano(s), partially-prepared
Disklavier, Robot toy piano and fixed-media
Version I
Two toy piano's with 37 keys
Robot toy piano 25 keys - acoustic vintage toy pianola, designed by Rajnit Bhatnager to receive and play midi files only
Partially-prepared Disklavier grand piano (midi triggered and played live)
There are seven fixed-media cues including: 7 audio tracks, 2 midi files for Disklavier, 2 midi files for Robot Toy piano
The score and fixed-media files available from the composer

supported by the Performing Arts Fund, Netherlands
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First Performance
September 9
"Keychain" version I for partially-prepared Disklavier,
2x toy piano's, Robot toy pIano and fixed-media (2017)
Phyllis Chen, piano
Uncaged:: Robot Toy Piano In Concert
Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Museum Speelklok - Utrecht, The Netherlands
December 14
"Keychain" version II for partially-prepared Disklavier,
toy piano, Robot toy pIano and fixed-media (2017)
Phyllis Chen, piano
The Uncaged Festival
Abrons Theatre, New York, USA