Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer


2019-2022 thru March 2022 Modelo62
Intercity Sessions
Intermittent Individual sessions with Modelo62 members to workshop new materials for:
Neon Study #1 ripple lights
for eight instruments and fixed-media.
The performances took place in March 2022 in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht

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The Turbine Plays project
Our Kick-off event on Tuesday 13 December 2022 will be at EnTranCe at the Energy Barn in Groningen. More details following soon.

Frouke Wiarda
‘In our landscape twenty-odd international artists from the Netherlands and Belgium with diverse visions of music, sound and the visual arts are going to work together with scientists, philosophers and sustainability professionals: wind harvesters all. Together they investigate the major changes in progress, and produce a translation of this. Each artist and composer gets started from his own discipline, with the elements wind, landscape and wind turbine. The creative translation leads to a new acoustic and visual total experience of sculptures, video art, string quartets, performances on organ works ; from wind turbine to string instrument to light sculpture to actor.’
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