Christina Viola Oorebeek  




for amplified plexiglass board and Super 8 projector (2006)


video “Edges Part 2” exerpt

video “Edges Part 5”  

video “Edges Part 4” performance exerpt


dotted, irregular, hairy, hard, hidden, invisible, painted, printed,
raw, raffled, ragged, scribbled,  serrated, smooth, soft, thick or thin,
washed out, worn out           ____EDGY


First performance:  September, 2006 Het Cenakel, Tilburg

commissioned and performed by Arnold Marinissen, percussion
film maker : Ester Eva Damen


Program Notes

In my work for the project, 'Beauty Unrealized' with Arnold Marinissen and Ester Eva Damen, I was in close collaboration
with both artists in the process of creating ‘Edges’.

An integral part of the work was designing a new instrument from a rectangular, amplified piece of Plexiglas mounted on two wooden supports to be played and performed with non-traditional objects.

It was my idea to develop a different sound palette for each movement, through experimentation with diverse materials,
timbres, and musical articulation.

One musical idea for the piece developed from a fascination for the sound of suitcase wheels rolling on pavement tiles. The irregularity of the distance between the tiles as well as the speed of pulling the suitcase produces rhythms with even and uneven pulses, which are  never exactly duplicated.


This piece was supported by the Dutch composition fund/ het fonds voor de scheppende toonkunst