Christina Viola Oorebeek  



January 18
Edges for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and electronics;
Super 8 projector, oscillator or Super 8 projector audio samples (2008)
Music: Christina Viola Oorebeek
Film: Ester Eva Damen
Bart de Vrees, percussion

'solo op Zolder'  Bart de Vrees, solo concert
Splendor - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 8
Presentation of composing work
Composition Department (Clarence Barlow, Corwin Chair of Composition)
University of California at Santa Barbara,
California, U.S.A.



December 14
Keychain version II for partially-prepared Disklavier and toy piano,

Robot toy pIano and fixed-media (version II, 2017)
Phyllis Chen, piano
The Uncaged Festival
Abrons Theatre, New York, USA

October 1
Speed Loops (2016)
1. medium slow 2. shifting
à quatre mains 31-tone Fokker organ
Ere Lievonen, Fokker-organ
Maarten Havinga, Fokker-organ

Huygens-Fokker Concert Series
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 9
Keychain version I for partially-prepared Disklavier and 2x toy piano's,
Robot toy pIano and fixed-media (2017)
Phyllis Chen, piano

Uncaged:: Robot Toy Piano In Concert Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Museum Speelklok - Utrecht, The Netherlands

August 25
Grecas - Scattered Pattern for blockflutes,
viola da gamba, harpsichord
Ugly Pug: Juho Myllylä, blockflutes
Miron Andres, viola da gamba, André Lourenço, cembalo // harpsichord

Tampering festival
Tampereen konservatorio, Pyynikkisali, Finland

February 20 - March 1
guest composer at
Sterkfontein Composers Meeting
Nirox Foundation, South Africa

March 1  
Neon Studies #3 for vibraphone and percussion (2017)
Axelsson-Nilsson Duo (SE)
Jonny Axelsson, percussion Ivo Nilsson, trombone
Nirox Foundation concert

March 3
Neon Studies #3 for vibraphone and percussion (2017)
Axelsson-Nilsson Duo (SE)

Afterwalk (2014; rev. 2016) for solo piano
Coila Enderstein, piano
Afterwalk - Purpur Festival
Purpur Festival of Transgressive Arts  
Capetown, South Africa

January 28th
Edges, film screening
Film: Ester Eva Damen
Music: Christina Viola Oorebeek
Arnold Marinissen, percussion

Super8 Filmfestival
De Ruimte Terminal · Amsterdam



December 11, 2016 15:00
Xical (Xicalcoliuhqui) for bass clarinet & electronics, premiere
Jason Alder, bass clarinet

Cafe de Ruimte

in: NIEUWE NOTEN is a brand new concert series for contemporary chamber music.

New compositions by contemporary composers by an eclectic combination of musicians.


13:00 September 24, 2016                                                                                                      

Afterwalk - apres promenade (2014, 2016 revision) for partially-prepared piano                                    

Marcel Manshanden, piano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
de Vrije Vleugel - Amsterdams Pianodocenten Kollektief                                                                      

Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam                                                                                     

14:30 Oktober 2, 2016
6e Piano Promenade, Amstelveen

September 14, 2016                                                                                            

Chromotoy I  for toy pianos, toy piano tines and

soundwheel & (live)electronics                          

Anne Veinberg, piano & percussion

International Computer Music Conference
Tivoli, Vredenburg                                                                                                                                         

Cloud Nine 19:00-20:30

October 3, 2016
AFTER the Silence - New Sounds Concerts
Uilenburger Synagogue
PROGRAM 3 at 20:45

April 24, 2016                                                                                                                            

Fuel up! (working title) for 31-tone organ, quatre-mains Ere Lievonen,

Susanne Kujala, organ 11:00 '4 Hands, 4 Feet' MuziekGebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam.

Maart 29, 2016                                                                                                                            

PeRiOd pOiNt blAnK for amplified Guitar and Panflute, audio tape &

Kinetic Collage (2016) Duo Verso, Matthijs Koene, panfluit and

Stefan Gerritsen,guitar 20:30 Qiuosque Series, Splendor, Amsterdam


December 4, 2015                                                                                                                            

"Edges" for toy grand piano, toy piano tines and Plexiphone II (2105)

with film "Edges" by Ester Eva Damen (2007) Adam Tendler, piano, percussion

Uncaged Festival Museum of Moving Image, Astoria, Queens, NYC.


December 7, 2014 19.15                                                                                                                            

Les "Nuits" 2014 Concerts a la Fondation Maeght St.Paul de Vence, France

Christina Viola Oorebeek
Afterwalk, apres promenade (2014) for Piano solo
dedicated to Ancuza Aproduwith support from the FondsPodiumKunsten, Netherlands


Sügisfest Festival                                                                                                                  

Tallinn, Estonia                                                                                     
September 27, 2014

Christina Viola Oorebeek
'Greca's' (revision, 2014) for blokflutes, harpsichord and cello
Goska Isphording, harpsichord
Karolina Bater, blokflutes,
Seth Woods, cello

"Greca's" was originally composed for blofklutes, harpsichord and viola da gamba (2011)
supported by FondsPodiumKunsten, The Netherlands­­




2013 UnCaged Toy Piano Festival, NYC
December 12-16, 2013

Saturday, December 12th
Three Sketches, for toy piano, sound wheel and electronics (premiere, revision 2013)  
Tristan McKay,


start: 8pm location: Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, NYC,


Gaudeamus Week Interview by Aad van der Ven (in Dutch) on 'Eigentijds' link

video registration 'Circulus' link


Sunday September 1, 2013

Cultural Sunday: Utrecht Uitfeest

Start: 1.00, 2.30 and 4.00 PM Location: Museum Speelklok

Circulus for Disklavier, electronics and live visuals (2013)
Christina Oorebeek and visual artist Karl Klomp present 'Circulus',

a new work for Disklavier (a modern reproducing piano,

playing without a human operator), electronics, and live video.


Sunday April 21, 2013                                                                                              

Gaudeamus Sessies #1                                                                                 

Start:: 16:00 uur Location: Muziekhuis Utrecht                                                              

Program:Christina Oorebeek & Karl Klomp - DiskJay (working title) for disklavier en live visuals
Brendan Faegre Edge Ensemble
Gareth Davis + The Julie Mittens - Peter Ablinger's Black Series
Pitch Custom Made Music

During the first Gaudeamus Sessions we present a first try out of a new work for Disklavier + live visuals by composer, Christina Oorebeek and visual artist, Karl Klomp.
This work will be presented in the next Gaudeamus Music Week in a program with more works for Disklavier and live electronics.


Monday February 11, 2013 at 8 pm

'Liu Ji' for tenor, erhu solo and five instruments (world premiere)

Chutzpah! Festival presents

 War, Love & Loss

Vancouver Inter-cultural Orchestra with Pacific Baroque Orchestra

Music for voice, Western strings & world instruments
by Christina Viola Oorebeek, Mark Armanini, Moshe Denburg & Farshid Samandari

Norman Rothstein Theatre (950 W 41st Ave., Vancouver)


War, Love, and Loss is a concert of new works that the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) will present in collaboration with Pacific Baroque Orchestra (PBO) on February 11, at Vancouver’s Chutzpah! Festival. The programme will include world premieres of pieces by Canadian composers Farshid Samandari, Mark Armanini, and Moshe Denburg, as well as Dutch composer Christina Viola Oorebeek. The program will feature a tenor and a mezzo-soprano accompanied by a 15-member ensemble of European baroque period instruments together with traditional Asian instruments. The roster includes baroque violins and violas, baroque cello, viola da gamba, recorder, erhu (Chinese bowed string), kamanche (Persian bowed string), barbat (Persian lute), dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), zheng (Chinese long zither), and percussion. 


War, Love and Loss forms a cycle which moves from Oorebeek’s settings of the ancient book ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, to Armanini’s composition based on Chinese poetry from the Tang dynasty dealing with connectedness and family, to Samandari’s and Denburg’s treatments of Farsi poetry and traditional Ladino and Hebrew songs concerning love and loss. It is a journey in time - moving from ancient texts and narratives to more modern sensibilities, highlighting contemporary composers writing new intercultural works on period instruments, and shedding light on the musical traditions of Canada’s many cultures.




December 2, 2012

CHROMOTOY I three Sketches

for  Schoenhut Toy Grand Piano, Toy Piano Tines, Soundwheel and Electronics (2012)

( création / Uraufführung)

Phyllis Chen, Toy piano, soundwheel

C.V. Oorebeek, electronics

rainy days 2012  Festival de musique nouvelle                                                   

19:45 Espace Découverte

Philharmonie Luxembourg


Yombé for cello and partially prepared piano

clips of an Aka dance(2012)


a commission from the Cello Sonata Foundation for Album, the project for amateur cello-piano duo’s published by Donemus, The Netherlands


September 8, 2012

Chain Breaks  (2012)

for Paëtzold, soprano recorder, Glass carillon and tape


Gaudeamus Music Week


De Zingende Toren (The Singing Tower) Start: 17:00 Location: De Zingende Toren
Artists: Erik Bosgraaf, Wim Ruitenbeek

The Singing Tower is both a sculpture and an extraordinary musical instrument that is situated in Leidsche Rijn, a neighbourhood under construction near Utrecht. The tower was designed by Bernard Heesen, has been built for Culture Campus Vleuterweide in the context of the "1.5% for public art" policy for Leidsche Rijn. Composer Roderik de Man wrote a composition manual for the carillon, which is made out of glass, as well as for the singing bowls that are incorporated in the Tower. Gaudeamus Muziekweek, charmed by its special character, asked several composers of contemporary music to create works for the instrument. This afternoon's program presents pieces by Christina Oorebeek, Jorrit Tamminga, Luc Houtkamp, and Wim de Ruiter. The compositions – for recorder, glass carillon, and (live) electronics – are inspired by the life and work of Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657) who was a blind musician, recorder virtuoso, composer, and carillon player from Utrecht.

September 2, 2012                '                                                                                           

'tempis fugit'  for kite string, soundwheel, toy piano, hourglass

Bart de Vrees, percussion

C.V. Oorebeek, electronics


Uitfeest: Musicaerial Start: 15:00 Location: Park Lepelenburg




September 2nd marks the fifteenth time the Utrecht Uitfeest takes place. In co-operation with the Uitfeest, Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents Musicaerial of sound artist Frouke Wiarda. Wiarda changes several locations in the Netherlands into a laboratory of wind, shapes and sound. During the Uitfeest her "kite project" will be premiered in Park Lepelenburg. Musicaerial is a multidisciplinary project, an event where the kite is the artwork and an extra sense to make the movements of the wind and the earth audible. The three controlling forces that make kites fly: upward pressure, traction and gravity, are the basis for this musical and visual journey. When in balance, the kite forms a stationary point in the sky, buzzing sounds of the universe.

A team of artists have designed a kite and composers  have written music for the kite performed live and/or with electronics.


Impression of the Portrait Concert at the Van Abbe Museum by Patricia Werner






de Bamzaal, Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam
13-11-2011 at 11:00
"Serpentine" for pedals and midi-controlled manuals I & II of the Fokker 31 tone organ
Ere Lievonen, pedals


de Doelen, Rotterdam
12 maart 2011, 20:15
Sisyphus Revisited - first performance,
The Doelenkwartet, Doelen String Quartet
more perfomances tba




Het Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ/Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Maandag 11 oktober
Componistenstand van de Dag van de Klassieke Muziek
13.30 – 14.00 Christina Viola Oorebeek

Gallerie Marzee, Nijmegen
November 7, 2010 16:00
"Crosspoints" (2005)
CALEFAX rietkwintet,
Oboe d'Amore, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon

de Bamzaal, Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam
10-10-2010 at 11:00
"Serpentine" for pedals and midi-controlled manuals I & II of the Fokker 31 tone organ
Ere Lievonen, pedals


Eindhoven, Axis Jazz Power
24 January 2010
"...if the princess was a beat, I'd marry it" for piano solo
Ashley Hribar, piano


Stedelijk Museum Chappel, Schiedam
January 10, 2010
"E D G E S" (2008)
for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and electronics, Super 8 projector, oscillator or Super 8 projector audio samples




Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei National University of the Arts, December 6, 2009
Taipei Artist Village, December 9, 2009
National Taiwan University, December 10, 2009


"E D G E S" (2008)
for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and electronics, Super 8 projector, oscillator or Super 8 projector audio samples
Pepe Garcia, percussion and Hugo Morales, electronics and composer

Shanghai Electronic Music Week
October 19-23, 2009

on/*-/+/off for erhu and electronics (first performance)
Ma Jiujun, erhu
C.V. Oorebeek, electronics


Gaudeamus Music Week
Electro-acoustic Music Workshop
September 9, 2009
Lecture on the documentation and publication of Dutch electro-acoustic compositions
_Edges for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and electronics;
Super-8 projector, oscillator or Super-8 projector audio samples (2008)

_Dialogo sopra i due sistemi  for organ and quadraphonic live electronics (2003)
by René Uijlenhoet.
_Drive for solo performer or chamber ensemble,  live electronics and game controller (2003-2009) by Anne La Berge;


Hertogenbosch Muziekcentrum, The Netherlands
February 12, 2009 

"...if the princess was a beat, I'd marry it" for piano solo
Ashley Hribar, piano


Västerås, Sweden
March 28, 2009
_Edges  for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and oscillator
Mathias Reumert, solo percussion




Festival of Contemporary Dutch Music,
Red Cat Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
The CalArts New Century Players and the California E.A.R. Unit
November 14, 2008
Xenolith (1994)
for English horn solo, (North American Premiere)
Allan Vogel, English horn


STEIM & WHCM Electroacoustic Music Week
Wuhan Conservatory, China
November 3-7, 2008
(supported by Muziek Centrum Nederland and STEIM)
Lectures, workshops and Concert with Daniel Schorno from STEIM
_Chromotoy III for toy piano, midi-keyboard in the form of a toy piano,
acoustic piano and live electronics

_Kairos-Duo-Project #XV
Daniel Schorno with Christina Viola Oorebeek

New Sounds from Holland
Shanghai Conservatory, China
October 28-31, 2008
Lectures, two Concerts with work by C.V. Oorebeek, Joel Ryan and Daniel Schorno
 _Edges for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and Super-8 projector samples
 music: C.V. Oorebeek / film maker : Ester Eva Damen
_Chromotoy III for toy piano, midi-keyboard in the form of a toy piano,
acoustic piano and live electronics

_Kairos-Duo-Project #XV
Daniel Schorno with Christina Viola Oorebeek

Hannover School for Music and Theater
October 22, 2008
solo recital with works by Messiaen, Murail, Ciciliani, Oorebeek and Roberts
"...if the princess was a beat, I'd marry it" for piano solo (first performance)
Ashley Hribar, piano, winner of the 2005 Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition


Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway
October 18, 2008
_Edges (2006) for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and oscillator
Mathias Reumert, percussion


Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, SICPP
New England Conservatory, Boston, USA
June 20, 2008
_Edges for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and oscillator
Mathias Reumert, percussion, winner of the 2007 Gaudeamus Interpreter's Competition


Stichting Intro, Maastricht
March 2008
Edges for amplified plexiphone and super 8 projector
Arnold Marinissen, solo percussion




ISCM World Music Days 2007 Hong Kong, China
the composer performed this work on November 28, 2007
in the Yuen Long Theatre, Hong Kong.
_Chromotoy II for partially prepared Disklavier and live electronics


The Orgelpark, Amsterdam
October 5, 2007
Tatiana Koleva, percussion and Jan Hage, organ
_Pinwheel Stellar for organ & percussion (first performance)




Gaudeamus ‘LIVE‘ festival for electro-acoustic music
November 21, 2006 Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam
_Chromotoy III  for toy piano, midi-keyboard in the form of a toy piano, acoustic piano and live electronics (first performance)
Pianist : Tomoko Mukaijama
Live electronics : Christina Viola Oorebeek


Het Cenakel, Tilburg
September, 2006
_Edges  for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and Super 8 projector (first performance)
Arnold Marinissen, percussion
film maker : Ester Eva Damen


Kit Theatre, Amsterdam,
en in Theater Kikker, Utrecht, Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam
September-Oktober, 2006
_Min-su-ryu-ko for marimba, woodblocks and chromatic gamelan(first performance)
performed by Ensemble Multifoon








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